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Prinsjesdag starts season with embryo auction

Feb 5, 2021

In today's uncertain times, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag likes to think of solutions and possibilities to serve both the breeders and the regular customers. Foal auction Prinsjesdag is therefore going to auction online again this year in addition to a hybrid auction. The event of an online auction on 2nd March will be for interesting embryos, and an early foal auction will take place on 18th May. In addition, Prinsjesdag will be present during the beautiful competition of the Schuttert family in Ommen on 10th July. Finally, the hybrid auction is scheduled for 14th and 15th September. For both the early foal and the embryo auction you can register your breeding product from now on!

Auctioning gestation
The first online auction is scheduled for Tuesday, March 2nd. In this auction some genetically interesting dressage and jumping embryos and gestations will be sold. Selector Fred van Straaten, together with Willem van Hoof responsible for the jumping foals: "We are going to sell gestations for the first time this year, so foals that are just in their own mare and stay with the breeder until weaning. The advantage of this is that there is no hassle of bringing carrier mares back and forth etc. You can see it as an extra service to the buyers." Van Straaten hopes to be able to select from the large customer base: "If you look at our references, Foal Auction Prinsjesdag has really yielded a lot of sport horses. So it turns out that our breeders know what they're doing!"

Early foal auction
Another service is the early online foal auction on May 18th. Selector for the dressage foals Cas van der Oord explains: "Dressage and jumping foals born in February, or even January, are difficult to select for an auction in September. By then, they'll be half-year olds and they're not at their most commercial. That is why we offer the possibility to auction these foals online in May so that breeders still have the opportunity to sell their breeding products well." Together with Lauw van Vliet, Cas is responsible for the dressage foals to be selected.

Power of performance
As you know by now, Prinsjesdag uses the adage "Power of Performance", which means that the breeding products to be auctioned are descendence of mares with a sports career or come from dam lines that have performed exceptionally. Do you expect a foal from a mare that meets these criteria or do you have an (icsi) embryo that might be interesting for the Prinsjesdag auction? Then you can register for the embryo or foal auction via the registration form on the website of Prinsjesdag:

Agenda Prinsjesdag auction 2021:
Tuesday, March 2nd auction embryos dressage & jumping
Tuesday, May 18th auction early dressage & jumping foals
Saturday, July 10th auction spring foals
Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th September auction dressage & jumping foals