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Poeta de Susaeta has it all: height, rideability and gaits

Apr 30, 2020

Poeta de Susaeta is the future promise for sports and breeding, with his beautiful self-carriage, size, pleasant character, his special black coat and his incredible talent for maximum collection. An asset to modern dressage horse breeding!
Through a recent video of a training of the beautiful Poeta on the website of his breeder in Spain, we "rediscovered" the PRE stallion, who was at the World Championship for young dressage horses as a five and six year old. What a power and appearance! The stallion has no difficulty at all with the exercises and swings through the arena.

Size, elasticity and gaits
Poeta has it all, unlike most Iberian horses. PRE (Pura Raza Español) horses sometimes lack size and elasticity in their body. But you don't have to worry about that with Poeta. He stands at 1.70m, and size is in his genes. Poeta also has a fantastic character - sensitive, but not too hot - the willingness to work is a big plus and what to think of his gaits!

PRE dressage type
Poeta's breeder and owner, María Ruíz of Yeguada Susaeta stud, has been focusing on the dressage PRE for generations. Thus, specific characteristics that are desired for a dressage horse are secured in the genes of Poeta. María has been selecting her breeding mares and stallions since the 1990s for the dressage qualities of strength, height, character and willingness to work, gaits and the talent to collect.

Three generations 1.70m
“Height is in his pedigree, with three generations of horses of 1.70m or more. The fine work-willing and friendly character has also been in his genes for generations. That makes him extremely interesting for European breeding, and especially for mares with a slightly too sharp and sensitive character. "
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