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ESHA auction: 10 horses for sale every 10 days

Apr 30, 2020

The auction organisation ESHA (European Sport Horse Auction) has come up with an alternative to the auctions normally scheduled. In the coming months 10 horses will be auctioned every 10 days. Starting in May with a group of sport horses and approved stallions.

"Because of the whole situation we gathered a few weeks ago because we don't think a normal auction is possible until September," says organizer Dennis Swennen. European Sport Horse Auction has so far reached 16 live auctions at various locations in the Netherlands and Belgium in which some 800 horses have been sold.
"We had already selected about 150 horses for April: dressage, free jumping and jumping under the saddle. A part of that we are going to sell again, but online. First we had the website updated and now we are ready to get started. We've thought about doing it before, even when we auctioned live, that thought has now gained speed. And also because we are very bored and we know a lot of horses..."

The first auction horses will be online from May the 10th. The auction will opened on May the 20th and will end on Sunday evening 24th of May at 20.00 hrs. Dennis Swennen: "We will start with a very exclusive group of sport horses and approved stallions. The second group will probably be a group of young horses that can be seen in free-jumping. We also assume that we will be able to auction a nice number of foals this summer. As we are used to, everything about these horses is known, everything can be viewed on the website, including the veterinary reports".

"Auctioning 10 horses each time has a lot of advantages. The first group comes together in Schijndel where people can come and try them out. If they respect the rules. With only 10 horses you can also take the time to guide the people well and the people also have time to watch. We think that we also trigger a lot of riders and traders because I know that some of them are pretty bored right now".

Bring in horses
Owners who want to bring in horses, can contact Dennis Swennen on +32 496 651389. He will inspect the horse in a safe way. As an auction, we want to be sure that what is offered is correct in every possible way. We get enough requests, also from Germany and France, to bring in horses. Occasionally they can be tried out there as well. When is the auction a success? If we can follow our mentality: it’s the way it is, no big stories, but reality!"
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