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Best Breeder: Johan Venderbosch

Dec 2, 2019

HorseTelex interviews the best breeders in the world in cooperation with the French equestrian magazine L’Eperon. We select the best brood mares with a minimum of three offspring in international sport and talk to their owners. We have skipped the breeders that have been interviewed in this series in the recent past, like Paul Schockemöhle, Joris De Brabander and Alfonso Romo.
Today it’s Johan Venderbosch’s turn, the Dutchman is the breeder of Dublin V, Algorythem and Zalvo. Venderbosch is 78 years old, has 20 broodmares and his horses dispose of 70 hectare of pasture.

1) When you think about your best breeding product, how do you explain the success of this horse?
I find the combination of stallion and mare very important. I was completely crazy about the thoroughbred stallion Cadmus xx. He has brought very good products in my stables. Cadmus was an extremely beautiful horse, but he was very sharp. Calvados on the other hand was big and long lined, interestingly bred and with sufficient charisma. This combination of stallion and mare could be very interesting, but you have to wait and see what it will be.

2) What do you specially take into consideration when you combine a stallion with a mare?
I think the most important thing is to start with the mare. We try to set high demands on our mares. It is important that they are healthy. We check the health by means of the veterinary inspection and the x-ray’s. If you want to sell a horse and it isn’t healthy, than have you nothing. Breeders must be very careful only to breed with sound dams. After the soundness-check I consider whether I need scope in my damline or rather a sharper stallion.

3) Which - among the proven sires - are your three favourite stallions?
My personal preference goes out to multiple stallions. I choose Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve, Heartbreaker and Chacco-Blue.

It is with great pleasure that I have Heartbreaker in my dam-material, because he has done groundbreaking work for showjumping and he takes care of sharpness in a line. With Heartbreaker we bring blood and, ‘go’ and the will to perform to our mare lines.

For Tangelo you need sharpness in the mother line. You can combine Tangelo and Heartbreaker. Tangelo brings a lot of power to the damline.

In the beginning Chacco-Blue was an interesting horse. Then he disappeared a bit from the stage. At the moment he is very popular and interesting for your damline.

4) Which three ‘new’ or young stallions are your favourites?
My favourites are Dominator, El Salvador and O’Neil van ’t Eigenloo.

Dominator is an interesting horse. From my own stallions I choose El Salvador. O’Neil van ‘t Eigenlo is very interestingly bred. Many successful sport horses come from this line.

If I use a young stallion, I find it important that his damline is interesting. If I use a young stallion I also want to see this horse under the saddle. Then you will find out whether you are really crazy about it or not.

5) With which studbook do you register your foals?
Originally we are KWPN-people and register most foals with the KWPN, but we also register at this moment a number of foals at Zangersheide. In breeding I find it important to look across the borders and whether you can find the stallions that you think will fit your mares. I want a beautiful, functional and healthy horse with length and elasticity in the body.

6) Which important developments do you expect for the future?
We must use for the future lines that are sport-oriented. For the future a beautiful, functional and healthy horse is very important for us and I have to look at a horse with pleasure. We must treat young stallions according to their age. We should not expect everything from those young stallions, but they should do their job with pleasure and then the better horses will come forward when they are at 1.30 m or higher. You also have to be lucky, because you can’t calculate everything on paper. If you are not lucky then you also have no incentive to breed. Sport and breeding must go hand in hand.