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Danish Warmblood Elite Mare Show: 25 Bronze Medals

Aug 12, 2022

At the 2022 Danish Warmblood Elite Mare Show, a total of 25 mares were awarded the DBW Bronze Medal, four of them sired by Springbank II VH and three by Blue Hors Zackerey

At all Danish Warmblood saddle gradings, one-day tests, station tests and suitability tests there is the possibility to be selected for the Elite Mare Show, which this year took place in Herning but normally takes place at Vilhelmsborg every year either at the end of August or the beginning of September.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Breeder Medals are being awarded to the year's best riding mares. To be able to participate in the Elite Mare Show the mare must have been registered with the Danish Varmblood as a foal, been awarded the highest grading classification, have passed a riding test and she must have been selected by the judges for the Elite Mare Show.

Pedigrees of the 2022 DWB Bronze Medal Mares:

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