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Danish Warmblood Elite Mare Show: Dina Holmklit Mare of the Year

Aug 12, 2022

At the Danish Warmblood Krafft Elite Mare Show in Herning, a total of 40 breeding medals were awarded. The 2021 Dressage Mare of the Year Dina Holmklit by Hesselhoj Donkey Boy (breeder: Trine Udklit Sørensen, owner Kristin Andresen) was again crowned as DWB Dressage Mare of the Year and awarded the DWB Gold Medal.

Two other three year old mares were also awarded the DWB Gold Medal: Brandtbjergs Divya by Hesselhoj Donkey Boy (breeder: Brandtbjerggard v/ fam. Buhl, owner: Agnet Holmsted) and Sparkletini (breeder/owner Henrik Hansen). Sparkletini comes from a very succesful damline: her grand dam is the former World Champion and International Grand Prix mare Fiontini.

Danish Warmblood's breeding consultant Karina Christiansen said about Dina Holmklit:

"It is extremely positive to see her again under saddle. this excellent mare that has everything and that beams huge talent. She is stunningly beautiful, pure in type with a lovely, open conformation . She is suitably noble and expressive with good sex appeal. Movement is absolutely first class in all three gaits and she moves delightfully easily with swing, self carriage  and elasticity, spacious and an uphill tendency. She is tremendously rideable, obedient and cooperative and seems to have a very cool temperament".

Source: Danish Warmblood & Ridehesten