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Your horse's pregnancy in one app

Feb 8, 2022

The Filium App is like a digital mare's card, developed by breeders and made for breeders. The app provides users with all the information they need at any time about important moments before and during a mare's pregnancy. This handy tool is intended for both the hobby breeder and the professional. The Filium App takes the breeder by the hand from the moment the vet starts checking and scanning a mare up to the due date when the foal is expected. All data is automatically stored and the app calculates - as soon as a mare has ovulated - exactly when and which further steps in the support of the pregnant mare should take place.

Ease of use

The app is completely focused on the breeder's ease of use. For example, all important dates automatically appear as reminders in the calendar and veterinarians can adjust the mare charts online in the specialised version or add specific dates or events in the paid version. More information about the app and the possibility of downloading it can be found on the website:


About the Filium App

The Filium App contains a mare card, which is filled in by the veterinarian or the breeder himself. Just like the traditional mare card, the findings of the mare's cycle are entered. This data is then automatically stored and calculates, as soon as the mare has ovulated, exactly when the next steps in the support of the pregnant mare must take place. All dates automatically appear as a reminder in the calendar and this calendar can also be shared with, for example, several owners or barn staff.


Once the app has been downloaded, after registration it is possible to add a mare. All the necessary information such as name, pedigree number, date of birth and choice of stallion are optional and can be changed at a later date. If the mare is already pregnant when you download the app, you can enter the date of insemination and all subsequent events will appear immediately. With a pro version, vets can receive invitations from clients to digitally adjust the desired mare cards, but also to add dates and events to your calendar.


Filium App purely for convenience and overview

For the developers of the Filium App, convenience and user-friendliness were paramount. With this app, breeders no longer have to keep track of or calculate data themselves. By collecting all the necessary information in one app on the phone, one has the most up-to-date information at one's fingertips anytime, anywhere. From the first pregnancy scan, for example, the user automatically receives a notification when vaccinations are due. The Filium app is practical, well-organised and above all very user-friendly.