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New HorseTelex with new features

Nov 2, 2021

You will have noticed the speed of the website: HorseTelex has been completely revamped. We are now equipped with a brand-new high-speed, technically advanced database which will allow us to develop all kinds of new breeding tools and information products!


We celebrate the launch of the new website/database with two new tools.


Best Offspring

1) Free for all visitors is the button 'Best Offspring' in the dark blue bar right below the horse's pedigree. Here you will find at a glance all high-level performing offspring of the stallion or mare in question and all approved sons. In jumping, this concerns all offspring that are registered at 1.40 m or higher, in dressage all offspring that are classified at least Level 4 Test 1 / Advanced Medium.


Icon: deceased

2) All PLUS and TOP members of HorseTelex can now indicate that a certain horse has passed away. It can be very important to do so. A mare of which several of her offspring have died at a young age has more difficulty in proving herself in the sport. In that case, it is very important to indicate that a number of children of this mare have died.

The tool only works if you register yourself as the owner of the deceased horse. This goes as follows:

- Log in with your membership account

- To ‘My HT‘

- To ‘My horses‘

- If the horse is not yet on your list: ‘Add horse to my list‘

- Click on the pencil to the right of the horse's name: edit

- Fill in the categories so that the system knows what relationship you have with the horse

- Tick ‘Owner‘ (this can also be done in combination with ‘Breeder‘)

- Then the field appears in which you must enter the year of death

- Save


Afterwards, an icon will show in various places in the database that the horse in question died: in the search results, in the offspring overviews and of course on the pedigree of the deceased horse. This way, we make HorseTelex even more informative and breeding a little more transparent.

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