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BWP Online Foal Auction: buy a foal from the world’s best showjumping studbook!

Oct 1, 2021

The last edition of the Olympic Games once again underlined the quality of BWP showjumpers. And also, during the European Championship showjumping in Riesenbeck, BWP-registered showjumpers performed in the foreground, with top ten places for Mumbai van de Moerhoeve, Katanga V/H Dingeshof and Jade VD Bisschop. Barely two weeks later, the prestigious Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen took place. This 5* GP was won by Killer Queen VDM, another BWP registered showjumper. The results don’t lie. Anyone who has not yet realized that BWP is the best supplier of top showjumpers wears blinders. BWP even leads the WBFSH studbook ranking worldwide, thanks to performers such as King Edward, Indiana C&C, Killer Queen VDM, Hello Jefferson (ex-Jerenmias van het Hulstenhof), Hester (ex-Frühling van d’Avrije), Jack Van Het Dennehof and many others. Through the BWP Online Foal Auction, you get the chance to buy top genetics. In order to be eligible for this auction, the foals had to achieve at least 75% during selection competitions. This online foal auction starts on October 1. The first lot ends on October 4, the second on October 5. The organizers have again succeeded in putting together a varied collection of showjumping foals, supplemented with a few dressage and Belgian riding pony foals.


Thanks to Volle Maan VD Guldennagel you can actually become the owner of the brand-new champion of the national championship BWP elite foals. This colt achieved a final score of 90%! A few months earlier, he had already outclassed his competitors during the foal championship in Tienen. His sire is the BWP approved stallion Rocco VD Bisschop, a Chacoon Blue son who, through his dam Omara VD Wellington, belongs to the famous BWP dam line 13. Rocco is not Omara’s only achievement. She also produced Rob Roy VD Bisschop. Rob Roy is as young as Rocco and was also approved as a breeding stallion. Renee van de Guldennagel, the dam of Volle Maan, makes part of the Holsteins lineage 741. This is the lineage of, amongst others, Colorit, Contino, Quintender and not least of Cardento. Renee’s great-great-granddam, B-Estelle, produced Cardento, amongst others. This Olympic stallion once again showed his business card during the last European Championship, as supplier of 3 finalists: Katanga V/H Dingeshof, C Vier and bronze medallist Catch Me Not S.


In addition to a champion foal, you can also buy several top 5 foals, such as Vanitas van Horst. This daughter of the popular progenitor Conthargos triumphed at the Antwerp Foal Championship and ended 5th at the national championship BWP elite foals. Her dam, Ithaca, won the BWP national foal championship in 2008 and was crowned ‘day champion’ at the national conformation championship. Vasco van den Bisschop achieved 84% during the foal championship in Bocholt and ranked 5th during the national championship BWP elite foals with 86%! He is a son of the very promising El Barone 111 Z, who has been competing in the international five-star circuit since this year, under the saddle of Malin Baryard-Johnsson. Vasco’s granddam, Secret Love Wonderland, produced the BWP ambassador Dulf van den Bisschop, the 5* performer Estina van den Bisschop and the 3* and 4* GP showjumper Holland van den Bisschop. Jade VD Bisschop, who won team bronze at the most recent European Championship, also belongs to this performance family. Speaking of champions: Vienna VD Bokke was honoured as champion during the foal championship in Pittem. The sire of this filly is BWP ambassador Wandor van de Mispelaere. Vienna’s dam, Bonita V.D. Bokke, belongs to the Holstein lineage 4705, this is the breeding family of Catoki and Levantos I and II, amongst others. Bonita’s granddam, Inka VI, produced two performers from the international 1m60 circuit, namely Chiron S (5*, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson) and Castros (4*, Meredith Ellis).


The organizers of the BWP Online Foal Auction offer you the opportunity to buy foals from BWP dam lines, one of the foundations of BWP’s success. We are talking about foals such as Vino Aqua Di and Valente (who both belong to BWP lineage 22), Very White AD van het Burghof (a full brother to the approved stallion Painted White van het Burghof, BWP lineage 113), Valentis van Daknam (the result of crossing the promising BWP Young Stallion Award winner Nixon van ’t Meulenhof with a top dam from BWP lineage 32, namely Edelheart-M, the dam of the international showjumpers Berlinbreaker M and Herlinbreaker-M), Valentino VD Molendreef and Virginia VD Molendreef (both of which are part of the BWP lineage 49, this is the dam line of, amongst others, Via Volo van de Molendreef (1m60 level, Elizabeth Beezie Madden), Gigolo V/D Molendreef (5*, 1m60 level), the GP horse Ad Fundum, Every Way, Qadance and Keep Away VD Molendreef), Vedett De Quôte (a son of Kasanova de la Pomme, crossed with a mare from the BWP lineage 51, this is the lineage of, amongst others, Raging Bull Vangelis S, Gamko S, Un Ami-S, Luron S, Dasko, Jericho S, Casse-Cou S, Ukase van de Donkhoeve, Ivor V/H Appelsvoordehof, Fento Chin S and Ilena S) and Vidal di Celio (BWP dam line 62).


Anyone who wants to invest in a filly by the 1m60 GP stallion Uncanto di Villagana combined with a dam from the lineage of world champion Vigo d’Arsouilles, should definitely make an offer for Vimea van den Heuvel. Via her dam, Osiris d’Arsouilles, Vimea is part of the BWP lineage 42. Osiris’ granddam, White Bread d’Arsouilles, produced the approved sport stallion Duc d’Arsouilles (performed at 1m50 to 1m60 level) and Ngorongoro d’Arsouilles (1m40 level). Many other performers belong to this proven dam line, such as Comte d’Arsouilles, Gaillardo d’Arsouilles, Esprit van den Bisschop, Joris VD Bisschop, Felicity VD Bisschop, Billund d’Arsouilles and of course the legendary Vigo d’Arsouilles. Out of the BWP dam line 13 you can buy a son of Wandor van de Mispelaere, namely Vadim di Celio. Vadim’s great-granddam, Havanna van de Heffinck, produced the approved stallions Fire and Quirio VD Heffinck. Via Havanna’s daughter Ovanna VD Heffinck a very strong branch is formed in this BWP lineage 13. Ovanna is the dam of the full brothers Upsilon and Versace VD Heffinck (who both jumped at 1m60 level) and the granddam of Halifax VD Heffinck and Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos.


You can also buy a foal from the famous Usha van ’t Roosakker dam line (BWP lineage 100), being Volt van de Voortakker, a son by Qannando B. & V. out of Mandy VD Bisschop who, as a 5- and 6-year-old in almost all cycle heats in which she participated remained clear and is also the dam of the BWP approved stallion Cello VD Bisschop.


Thanks to Venturo DVG, one can acquire a grandson of the top progenitor Chacco-Blue, number 1 in the WBFSH sire ranking. Through his dam, Hildegarde-K, Venturo DVG is a half-brother to Ona van de Helle, who was a finalist at the Belgian Championship for seven-year-olds (1m45 level) in August this year. Hildegarde-K’s dam, Grande Fleur, produced several performers at the highest level, including Wivina (5*, 1m60 level), Baladeur Z (1m60 level), Emilie K (3*, 1m45 to 1m50 level), Kentukie-K (1m50 level), as well as Joelle-K who was approved as a breeding stallion in the BWP.


And what about Vittorio SL (a half-brother to Laurien van Orshof who competes at international 1m50 to 1m60 level, in partnership with Swedish Linda Heed) or Valentina van de Veldstraat? Valentina is a half-sister to the BWP approved stallion Picasso van de Veldstraat who belongs to the BWP lineage 94, this is the dam line of the Olympiad horse Gunder van de Pereboom and other outstanding performers such as Nauwsika, Othello and Hermes van de Pereboom. It is impossible for us to review all auctions lots. You can discover the full collection on the website.


The BWP Online Foal Auction is not only an auction for showjumping enthusiasts. Those who are fond of dressage will have the opportunity to buy top-bred foals, such as Vin Diesel van Cavaleronde (a son of Rock For Me out of a For Romance daughter), Velvet BC (a First Date son out of a daughter by United) and Vixen From Green RT (a son of the BWP approved Panthero van de Vogelzang out of a daughter by Uphill. Vixen ended 3rd in the national championship BWP elite foals).


Anyone looking for a top-bred Belgian riding pony foal will certainly find what they are looking for in this online auction, thanks in part to Caspari Royale’S’ van Prinsenhof’s (by Anjershof Shadok) who belongs to a dam line (BRP007) from which 7 EC ponies and even 1 Olympiad pony originate. Symphonie Royale ‘D’ van Prinsenhof’s, the dam of Caspari Royale’S’, ranked 2nd in 2014 at the national foal championship. Her dam, Danoeska van de Prins, is a BRp elite dam and has several labels. During the last national BRp foal championship, the performance of Caspari Royale’S’ van Prinsenhof’s was rewarded with third place (86%).


The other BRp foal for sale is called Castard van Stal Remysen, a son of Tout Beau de la Cure. No Stress van ’t Oud Molenhuis was responsible for Castard’s maternity. It is not the first time that this Polsburry Pessoa daughter shows her business card through her offspring during the national BRp foal championship: in 2019 her son A la Carte van ’t Oud Molenhuis became 4th in this championship. Castard van Stal Remysen follows in his hoof prints as he also placed 4th (with 85%).


Do not wait to register: for the showjumping and BRp foals via and for the dressage foals via It is free and allows you to bid online for your dream foal. Of each foal you will find professional photos, a video, the pedigree, a report from the veterinary surgeon and additional relevant information. If you would like additional information or if you have a specific question, do not hesitate to contact Lieve De Greeff, either by mobile phone on 0497/53.89.82, or by e-mail ( “BWP Online Foal Auction” is a unique marketplace. Who knows, during this auction you may buy a future unique breeding/sports dam, an approved stallion, an Aachen champion or a great horse that you can enjoy for years to come.


Author: Jo De Roo